Capable of traveling with up to 6 passengers, Turbo Props are the ideal solution for flights within a 1.5-hour range.

Average Seating Capacity: 6
Average Range: 900 miles
Average Speed: 320mph
Average Luggage Capacity: 52 cubic feet

Aircraft Models
Pilatus PC12
Piaggio Avanti II
King Air 90
King Air 200
King Air 350

Pilatus PC-12

The Pilatus PC-12 is a corporate commuter and utility turboprop aircraft. The aircraft’s first flight was in 1991. The aircraft is certified in 20 countries and over 800 PC-12 aircraft have been delivered. The 9.34m³ cabin can be configured for six to nine passenger seats. The baggage area is in-flight accessible.

A luxurious executive configuration provides two crew seats, six executive chairs and fitted cabinets and tables. The executive chairs can be arranged for private relaxation or for work with conference style seating for four.

King Air 90

The King Air 90 is a popular twin-engine turboprop capable of transporting up to six passengers in its typical seating configuration. first entering production in the late 1970’s, the King Air 90 remains in production today receiving numerous upgrades throughout its variations.

The most recent is the King Air 90 GTi, which features upgraded engines and avionics allowing it to compete with the new class of Very Light Jets.

King Air 200

The Super King Air 200 aircraft first flew in 1972 and the design of the Super King Air B200 derivative began in 1980. The ‘Super’ was dropped from the name in 1996 and the aircraft became known as the King Air B200. Since first entering service in 1981 over 2,150 King Air B200 aircraft have been delivered. The maximum level speed at 25,000ft is 540km/hr and the range is 3,442km.

The aircraft has a landing run of just 536m and take-off run of 567m, allowing the operator access to small remote airfields. The B200 has a comfortable and roomy ‘squared-oval’ pressurized cabin. The air-conditioned cabin can be fitted with seven or nine seats. The rear cabin door is equipped with airstairs.

King Air 350

The Beech King Air 350 twin turboprop 11-passenger business aircraft first flew in 1988 and has been built in civil and military versions. Over 500 King Air 350 have been delivered. The Beech King Air product line has been in continuous production since 1964 and more than 6,000 of 17 variants have been sold for corporate, commercial and special mission operations to more than 94 countries.

The King Air 350 has a comfortable and roomy ‘squared-oval’ pressurized cabin. The air-conditioned cabin is fitted with double club-style seats for eight passengers plus up to three single seats.